Fort Collins Rockhounds Club


Fort Collins Rockhounds Club, Certificate of Incorporation (1957) and
Bylaws (revised 1973)

[Entered online by Alan Silverstein in 2007 from paper copies
(apparently manually typed), with minimal editing.  Note, since the
originals were just plain text, I didn't use HTML, etc, for this
version, so it would look similar.]



    KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we, Ruth I. Knerr, Juanita D.
Schmidt and James B. Ettel, all residents of Larimer County, Colorado,
and citizens of the United States, being desirous of associating
ourselves for the purposes hereinafter expressed, and not for pecuniary
profit, under and by virtue and in pursuance of the provisions of
Chapter 31, article 20, in Volume 2 of the Colorado Revised Statutes of
1953, do hereby, as provided in said Chapter avail ourself of its
provisions and associate ourselves together and we do hereby make,
execute and acknowledge this our certificate in writing of our
intentions so to become a party incorporate, not for pecuniary profit,
and we do state and set forth:

    FIRST:  The corporate name of our said corporation shall be:


    SECOND:  The objects of our said corporation shall be the promotion
of interest in the study of rocks and geologic phenomena, to undertake
meetings open to the public for those interested in geology, to
undertake field trips for study of rocks and geology in the natural
setting, and in general to promote scientific events and meetings and
participation in fund raising drives for charitable, cultural,
scientific and public purposes.

    THIRD:  The affairs and management are to be under the control of a
board of directors consisting of three (3) members and Ruth I. Knerr,
Juanita D  Schmidt and James B. Ettel, all of Fort Collins, Colorado,
are hereby selected to act in such capacity for the first year of its
existence or until their successors are elected and qualified.

    FOURTH:  The principle office of our said corporation shall be
located in Fort Collins, County of Larimer and State of Colorado.

    FIFTH:  The directors shall have power to make such prudential
by-laws as they may deem proper for the management of the affairs of the
corporation according to the statute in such case made and provided.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals on the
23rd day of August, 1957.

				    /s/ Ruth I. Knerr

				    /s/ Juanita D. Schmidt

				    /s/ James B. Ettel



			    Revised February 7, 1973

1.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS - The Board of Directors shall consist of the
    president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  The term of
    office for each shall be one (1) year.  Any or all members of the
    Board of Directors may be re-elected in consecutive years.

    A.  The president shall be in charge of all meetings of the Club,
	the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee.  The
	president shall appoint the chairman of each standing and
	special committee, and be an ex-officio member of each

    B.  The vice president shall, in the absence of the president, be in
	charge of any meeting of the Club or the Executive Committee,
	and shall perform other duties as directed by the president.

    C.  The secretary shall perform the usual duties of this office,
	such as:  Take the minutes of all Club, Board of Directors, and
	Executive Committee meetings; handle all correspondence for the
	Club, except for the annual Gem and Mineral Show and aid in the
	Federal [sic] correspondence (except payment of the Federation
	dues).  In the absence of both the president and vice president,
	the secretary shall be charge of the regular meeting of the

    D.  The treasurer shall perform the usual duties of this office,
	such as:  receive and pay all bills; and any other duty required
	of the office.  In the absence of the president, the vice
	president and the secretary, the treasurer shall be in charge of
	the regular meeting of the Club.

2.  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - The Executive Committee shall consist of the
    members of the Board of Directors plus the chairman of each of the
    standing committees as follows:

    A.  Membership      H.  Publicity
    B.  Program         I.  Federation
    C.  Courtesy        J.  State
    D.  Refreshment     K.  Junior Club
    E.  Field Trip      L.  Projects
    F.  Show            M.  Lodestone
    G.  Librarian

[November 2007:  The only recognized committees today are (B) Program
(Fred Hart), (E) Field Trip (Fred Hart, Kevin Boulter), (F) Show (Dave
Halliburton), and (M) Lodestone (Suze Grosshans, editor).  (A)
Membership is handled by the Treasurer (Nancy King); (D) Refreshment by
volunteers who sign up, two per month, in the prior year; (I) Federation
recently appointed at least temporarily as Kevin Boulter.  Other duties
are still performed on an ad hoc basis by volunteers without being
formally recognized as committee chairs or members.]

    The vice president, secretary and treasurer, at the discretion of
    the president, hold one appointive chairmanship.  One individual
    cannot hold more than two (2) committee chairmanships.  Co-chairmen
    can be appointed for any committee at the discretion of the
    president, in which case both persons are members of the Executive
    Committee.  Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be on call of
    the president, chairman of the Executive Committee.

3.  The President shall appoint for 1-year term the chairman of each
    standing committee except for the Junior Club Committee which shall
    have co-chairmen who shall have a 2-year staggered term, one
    co-chairman shall be appointed each year.  Other committee members
    shall be selected by the chairman of each committee.  The standing
    committees and their duties shall be as follows:

    A.  Membership - This committee shall be responsible for promoting
	Club membership and for greeting members and guests at the
	regular meetings.  The chairman of the Membership Committee
	shall collect the dues and make out the membership cards.

    B.  Program - This committee shall be responsible for arranging
	programs for the regular monthly Club meetings.

    C.  Courtesy - The committee shall be responsible for sending
	appropriate greetings to Club members or their families in times
	of sickness, accidents and death.

    D.  Refreshment - This committee shall arrange for the refreshments
	at the regular meetings, plan the annual picnic in July, and
	plan any dinner meetings.
	(1) The chairman or another member shall provide the beverage
	    and dispensing supplies.
	(2) Four (4) members each regular Club meeting to supply the
	    appropriate lunch [sic] items.

[November 2007:  Club supplies are stored at the meeting place and
replenished on an ad hoc basis.  Two members volunteer to provide snacks
each month, usually signing up near the end of the previous year on a
sheet passed around by the newsletter editor, since each month's
volunteers are mentioned in the newsletter.]

    E.  Field Trip - This committee shall be responsible for planning
	and conducting field trips.

    F.  Show - This committee shall be responsible for putting on the
	annual Gem and Mineral Show.  The show chairman shall be
	responsible for organizing and supervising the various
	committees and activities required.

    G.  Librarian - This committee shall be responsible for the library
	and lending materials of the Club.

    H.  Publicity - This committee shall be responsible for publicizing
	the meetings and all other activities of the Club, except the
	annual show which will have a special publicity committee.

    I.  Federation - The chairman of this committee shall be responsible
	for all Club contact with the Rocky Mountain Federation and the
	American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, except the
	payment of Federation due [sic] which shall be handled by the

    J.  State - The chairman shall be responsible for all contacts with
	clubs, reporting club shows and field trips and activities for the
	State of Colorado.

    K.  Junior Club - The co-chairmen of this committee shall be
	responsible for arranging supervision for the Junior Club
	meetings, and for representing the Junior Club at the regular
	and the Executive Committee meetings.

    L.  Projects - This committee shall be responsible for recommending
	special projects to the Club, such as memorials and books to the
	schools, and for carrying out all approved projects.

    M.  Lodestone - This committee shall be responsible for the
	gathering of data, printing, and mailing of the Club Lodestone
	to all paid members, special memberships, and exchange with
	other clubs.

4.  NOMINATING - This committee shall consist of three active Club
    members, appointed in October by the president.  This committee
    shall prepare the nominations for the president, vice-president,
    secretary, and treasurer.  The election shall be held at the
    November meeting.  Installation of the new officers shall take place
    at the close of the December meeting.  The new officers shall be in
    charge of the January meeting.

5.  The REGULAR MEETING of the Fort Collins Rock Hounds, Inc., shall be
    held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, except August,
    at the assigned meeting places.  (The meeting time and place can be
    changed by action of the Board of Directors, when and if necessary.)

[November 2007:  A few years ago the club as a whole voted to move the
time back to 7:00 p.m.  The July picnic and December dinner meetings
start at 6:00 p.m.  In March 2007, bursting at the seams at the Knights
of Columbus on Meldrum, where meetings had been held for at least 10
years, the club as a whole voted to hold a 2-month trial, meeting
instead at the Harmony Presbyterian Church off Boardwalk.  In May the
club voted to make the new location permanent.]

6.  DUES SHALL be two dollars ($2.00) per adult per calendar year,
    payable at the January meeting.  Due [sic] shall be one dollar
    ($1.00) from September 1 through December 30.  All members who have
    not paid their dues by the March meeting shall be contacted by the
    Membership Committee to see if they wish to continue membership;
    those who have not paid their dues shall be dropped from the
    membership roll [sic] following the April meeting.  Members wishing
    to drop out of the club shall notify the treasurer or the Membership

[November 2007:  Dues are now $8 per person or $10 per family,
discounted 50% beginning July 1 (date changed by recent vote of the club
as a whole).]

7.  DUES SHALL BE USED for programs, stationery, postage, special
    projects, and other uses voted by the Club, Executive Committee, or
    Board of Directors.

8.  THIS BEING A NONPROFIT Corporation, no part of the net earnings of
    the Corporation may under any circumstances inure to the benefit of
    any private shareholder or individual.

9.  UPON DISSOLUTION of the Corporation, the Board of Directors shall
    distribute the assets and accrued income to one or more
    organizations as determined by the Board, but which organization or
    organizations shall likewise be nonprofit organizations.

10. THE BY-LAWS SHALL BE DUPLICATED and a copy provided to each paid

[November 2007:  Presumably this applied one time only, when the by-laws
were revised.  However, they were entered into an online file so they
can be shared with all members in the future through the recently
created Club website:]

11. THE BY-LAWS CAN BE AMENDED when necessary by a majority vote of the
    members of the Board of Directors.

[November 2007:  The few accrued changes over the years have been made
through votes taken at regular meetings of the entire club.  The Board
of Directors has not had a formal meeting in recent memory.]

12. THESE BY-LAWS AS AMENDED become effective immediately.  Any portion
    with cannot be expedited immediately shall become effective June 1,